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Cryptocurrency policy

These guidelines are not final, and are subject to change. These guidelines and criteria intend to inform prospective blockchain advertisers, but Brave ultimately reserves the right to reject or disqualify advertisers for any reason. Please note that given the new and evolving nature of the blockchain sector and regulation, advertisers that may meet the following guidelines and criteria may be rejected during the final review, or after their campaigns have launched.

For the purposes of these guidelines, “blockchain products, projects and related services” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Utility tokens
  • Memecoins
  • Web3
  • Blockchain networks
  • DApps
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Web3 Communities
  • Related products and accessories (hardware wallets)
  • Related content, information services and consulting

To maintain the high standards of our platform, prospective advertisers in this category must follow the guidelines and criteria below.

Advertiser website requirements

  • A physical business address, jurisdiction and contact information in the Terms of Service
  • An official contact email, registered from the same domain as the advertiser website
  • Disclaimers and Risk Disclosures, general or specific to the company jurisdiction or countries in which the company provides products and/or services
  • Official social media profiles for the company or project, matching the information on the website
  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy

The following types of business claims are not permitted:

  • Unrealistic promises
  • Suggestions or implied guaranteed percentage return on investment
  • Claims of “SEC compliance” or listing on “SEC-compliant exchanges”
  • Token or cryptocurrency must not be explicitly presented solely as a speculative investment opportunity

The following promotional campaigns are not permitted:

  • Token pre-sales
  • SAFTs
  • Testnet or other pre-launch offerings

Market presence:

  • If applicable, the company token or cryptocurrency is listed with matching information to the advertiser website on and/or
  • If applicable, the company token or cryptocurrency should be listed or available on well-known centralized exchanges, or decentralized exchanges

A search for the project should not return controversial reports or reports from users or customers of suspect behavior from the company.

Creative guidelines

Creative (ad) copy:

  • Should focus on the value proposition and use case of the project, token or service
  • Should not include speculative language, references to the token as an investment or claims of increasing value or guaranteed returns
  • Must not include speculative language related to value or price of the token or cryptocurrency
  • Guaranteed fixed APY or APR rates cannot be advertised
  • Using “bonus”, “up to” or other similar text is normally acceptable upon review
    • For example: “Earn up to 5% in staking rewards.”

Click-through URLs:

  • Landing pages must direct users to the top level domain, or related subdomain for the registered advertiser
  • URLs should not contain third-party redirects that navigate users to exchanges, liquidity pools, or secondary sites

Pay-to-play games, casino raffles, lotteries

  • Any advertiser requiring a payment or deposit, whether in fiat or crypto, to enter a contest will be denied
    • Example: A user deposits ETH or other crypto/fiat for a chance to win an NFT
  • Play to Earn and Quests with engagement rewards are allowed
    • Example: users enter their email address for a chance to win an NFT
  • It is acceptable for an advertiser to focus their campaign on a free giveaway while there are other parts of the site allowing pay-to-play elements