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Ad targeting

Brave has pioneered a new breed of privacy-respecting targeting that is matched directly on the user’s device (aka “client-side”), without any personal data phoning home to Brave’s servers.  To achieve targeting at scale in a privacy-respecting capacity, Brave Ads uses on-device machine learning to anonymously match users to relevant ads. The system is built by leading privacy engineers with a range of cryptographic technologies that ensure that no personally-identifiable data ever leaves the user’s device. Contrary to other major ad tech providers who suck up as much personal data as they can, Brave only ever sees anonymous data.

Each of Brave’s ad units has a unique approach to achieve varying levels of ad relevance with the end user:

TargetingDescriptionSearch keyword adsNew tab takeoverNewsfeed adsNotification ads
KeywordsKeywords entered into Brave Search.X
Country and stateLocation determined by IP address. Only top level country and state level information is inferred (State level targeting is available only in the USA).XXXX
Time of dayDelivery based on local time inferred by the IP address.XX
Contextual segmentsIAB standard contextual segments based on page content and domains visited by the user.X
Custom intent segmentsBespoke segments built with keywords and domains that the advertiser wishes to target. Minimum spend required, and only available with managed service campaigns.X