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Notification ads

Notification ads feature a title and short CTA; clicks drive users to the advertiser’s desired landing page. Ads are served over content at the browser level, not on web pages, within videos, or any of the more obtrusive practices of traditional display ads.

This unit is an ideal addition for advertisers looking to add engagement, quality site traffic, or acquisition drivers to paid marketing campaigns. Notification ads appear only to those who've opted in to seeing them. This makes them the surface that reaches the most discerning—and engaged—audience in the Brave ecosystem.


Ad requirements

  • Ad copy
    • Title: 30 character limit, must include brand name
    • Body: 60 character limit, for key messaging/value proposition/call to action
  • Click-through URL
    • No redirects/URL shortening

Available targeting

  • By device
    • MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • By country
    • State level targeting available in USA
  • Contextual IAB standard segments
  • Custom segments (Managed Service only)


  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPSV (Per site-visit)

Best practices

  • Add context to your title for clarity, e.g. Masterclass. Learn from the best.
  • Use unique landing pages such as “” to make measurement easier
  • Use multiple versions of ad creative for testing
  • Use a specific call to action: Learn More, Try Now, Buy Now, Sign Up, etc.
  • Use emojis to help tell your brand’s story with fewer characters
  • Vary copy to appeal to different audiences or product features
  • Share wisdom, Brave users love to learn
  • No clickbait headlines
  • No claims of high returns on investments (APY/APR)
  • No all-uppercase lettering
  • No profanity, nudity, violence, or illicit substances
  • No redirect URLS (ads must direct to your owned domain or social media)