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Create a campaign

To get started, select the “New Campaign” button in the top right hand corner of Brave Ads Manager and fill out the required fields. The campaign level is where you will set the following parameters:

  • Campaign name helps to identify campaigns more easily in your account.
  • Start and end dates define the beginning and end of your campaign delivery window, including time of day.
  • Time zone defines what timezone your campaign will begin and end in.
  • Formats define where in the Brave Ads ecosystem your ads will be displayed. For more information on Brave’s ad formats, their characteristics, and availability in Brave Ads Manager, visit the ad placements section.
  • Location defines where in the world your ads deliver. State-level targeting is currently only available in the United-States.
  • Budget defines how much you aim to spend throughout the lifetime of your campaign.
  • Payment method defines how you’ll pay. Brave accepts USD and BAT